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Discover Israel Weekly Tours

Discover Israel features weekly tours throughout the year, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and Galilee with extension trips to Jordan, the Dead Sea and Petra.

The diversity in this small country is spectacular – you could spend a morning sunning yourself on a beautiful Mediterranean beach in Tel Aviv, then spend an afternoon exploring neighbouring Jaffa visiting  sites that are thousands of years old.  In less than two hours you could go from the green forests of the Galilee to the breath taking Negev desert in the south.  During the winter, you could even spend the morning skiing in the Golan, then travel to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, to take a soothing dip in its healing waters. In Jerusalem, meander down the Via Dolorosa, following the Stations of the Cross, until you reach the Western Wall and the spectacular Dome of the Rock.

 What also makes Israel unique is its blend of old and new.  The history of this land is well preserved and the array of archaeological, biblical and historic sites to visit is vast, but you’ll also be able to enjoy modern facilities and comfort.

Israel is not only limited to those who like history and biblical sites.  There is so much to see and do! 

Those who enjoy fine dining can eat their way around the country.  Israeli cuisine is a highlight for most, as the country grows most of its own fruits and vegetables so the freshness and quality of the food on offer is tantalising.  To complement the great food is the wine – the country is perfect for growing grapes and boutique wineries are dotted around the land.  The Israel wine industry is growing from strength to strength and is now receiving many accolades and awards.

Israel is also appealing to those who enjoy outdoor activities.  The country is festooned with many hiking and bike trails, and the “Med & the Red” seas are a playground for those who enjoy water sports.  Various ways to explore the land are offered; jeep tours, camel or horse trekking, even Segways are popular modes of transport.

Discover Israel can help you experience the best that Israel has to offer.  We offer a selection of escorted tours, but can also work with you to build your ideal tailor-made experience. Our experts know the country and can create your dream holiday.


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